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We provide a turnkey program to help dealers setup and manage a rent to own program for your vehicle inventory that can be used for subprime customers lacking a deposit, Uber and Lyft drivers, loaner fleet management, and more.

RTOcars Dealer Program

DriveItAway App

The entire rental process is managed through the DIA app.  A driver can download the app to their phone and rent a car from your dealerhsip in minutes.  They enter their basic profile information, enter payment information, and select their vehicle.  All payments are automatically processed through the app.  Drivers pay the rent in advance through the app so there is no collections headaches.

GPS Tracking / Ignition Control

The system allows you to add a GPS tracking unit to every vehicle which is fully integrated into our system.  You can track vehicle location, track daily mileage and charge for excess, shutoff ignition if payments are past due.  All fully automated within the App and Dealer Cloud.

Rent To Own

All vehicles in the rental program can also be included in the Rent To Own program where a portion of the rental payments (dealer decides what %) can be applied towards a down payment.  Program can be used for subprime customers that lack a down payment.  Program allows you to tap into the huge demand for Uber and Lyft drivers that do not have a suitable car to meet the program requirements.

Call Center

The RTOcars program includes a call center package where leads are forwarded to our call center to explain the Rent to Own program and help drivers select the best vehicle for their needs.  We handle everything so dealers simply need to provide keys and checkout vehicles to drivers when they arrive at your dealership.  

Lead Generation

The RTOcars program includes an optional lead generation program where we provide exclusive leads in a protected territory of Rent To Own customers.  When combined with the Call Center package, your dealership can receive a steady stream of rent to own customers to your dealership.


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